Music Monday: Calvin Harris Hits the Charts Alone


This week featured an eclectic mix of good music from both new and old artists alike. A few songs stand a big chance of breaking through this week, including a solo Calvin Harris hit and a rising artist promoted by The Chainsmokers. Check out the very best music of the week below, and be sure to listen to the Spotify playlist at the end of this post.

1.) Heavy Hitter

Calvin Harris – “My Way”

Calvin Harris’ bouncy diss track is pretty unforgiving about its subject, repeating the chorus “you were the one thing in my way” several times before relaxing into a danceable beat. Following the formula of “This is What You Came For” quite closely, “My Way” pairs an incredibly simple yet catchy melody with the tropical beats of the moment. “My Way” succeeds not by innovating, but by sticking to what Harris does best. Although the song was actually written about Harris’ final minimum wage job before entering the music industry, it will undoubtedly pick up some mainstream interest (and streams) thanks to Harris’ recent split with Taylor Swift, and its accusatory lyrics.

2.) On the Verge

Rozes – “Under the Grave”

Since giving the world a taste of her writing and vocal chops as a featured artist on The Chainsmoker’s first top ten hit, “Roses,” the singer-songwriter Rozes has released a full EP and another collaboration with Logic. Her latest, “Under the Grave,” stands apart from the EP and serves some intriguingly strange ideas. Her reggae-tinged voice wavers in the verses with some hesitation—“though you haven’t heard too much from me / like I’m a world apart”—only to unleash in an explosive chorus, coupled with completely unexpected harmonic changes. Like “Roses” upon its release, “Under the Grave” sounds like it comes from the future, playing with an innovative harmonic style that can immediately catch ears.

Lizzo – “Phone”

Clocking in at just under three minutes, “Phone” centers itself on the aggravation of losing your phone at the end of a night at the club.  The lyric “Where the hell my phone / how’m I ‘sposed to get home?” might be the catchiest, most relatable, and cheesiest phrase of the year. “Phone” might appear to be a gimmick single, but the tune serves as the lead single for Lizzo’s first major label debut, and its juxtaposition of spoken rap and Fergie-like vocals only serves as a minor glimpse of what this soulful artist is capable of.

3.) The Newcomer’s Debut

Vanic ft. Katy Tiz – “Samurai”

After reimagining pop gems from artists like Major Lazer, Chvrches, and Lana Del Rey, DJ Vanic has released his first original mix on The Chainsmoker’s new joint venture with Sony Records. Perhaps owing to his experience with those tunes, Vanic has recrafted his dubsteppy, high-octane leanings, pairing abrasive vocal samples with crystalline production and countless hooks. “Samurai” highlights Katy Tiz’s dynamic range with a buzzy drop, an ample dose of reverb, and just enough edge. The song ends with an overlaying of the chorus, verse, and drop—showing clear mastery over successful pop structure while still sounding unique.

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