Music Monday: Anne-Marie’s “Alarm” is Electrifying


In this week’s Music Monday post, we take a look at the best three songs from the last week. Shawn Mendes, Phoebe Ryan, Mary Lambert, Steve Aoki, and more of your favorite artists released music last week and strong showings from newer artists made a huge splash. Don’t forget to take a listen at the end of the post.

1.) The Surefire Hit

Anne-Marie “Alarm”

Let’s all take a moment to mourn the ex-boyfriend addressed in “Alarm,” the relentless, cinematic romp by newcomer Anne-Marie. The revenge song opens with a revving engine, a swirling, windswept synth, and a realization of betrayal: “I smell her on you / I know what’s happened here in our bed, yeah.” Anne-Marie navigates the breakup with laser focus and a glossy chorus, while maintaining a sensibility for unshakeable pop hooks. “Alarm” is a hell-bent, heated pursuit that will give the UK native—and three-time world karate champion—a chance at striking gold in the music world.

2.) The Newcomer’s Debut

Francis and the Lights – “Friends” (feat. Bon Iver and Kanye West)

Following their collaboration with Chance the Rapper on “Summer Lights,” Francis and the Lights bring their wispy vocals to “Friends,” a restrained slow jam featuring Kanye West and Bon Iver. Anchored by a bass loop, snaps, and a triumphant sax line, “Friends” begins with simple, unassuming verses. That quickly changes as the chorus refracts into light layers of falsetto that evoke impressionistic harmonies. The accompanying music video—a three minute one-take tracking the artists in a white room—further emphasizes the simple but immediately captivating appeal to the song.

3.) The One-of-a-Kind Track

The Brinks – “Temporary Love”

In “Temporary Love,” the Brinks combine futuristic white noise and spacey sounds with the enchanting vocals of Scott Melis to create a sauntering summer sampler. The mix feels slightly left of pop center, with wooden percussion interruptions and bubbling water sounds set atop a bed of static. The ending of the song is also a bit odd—live fret sounds finish the tune as if the whole thing were created on an acoustic guitar. The combination of sounds comes off as unique and worthy of repeat listens.

One thought on “Music Monday: Anne-Marie’s “Alarm” is Electrifying

  1. Ok so I totally told people about her and this song and nobody said they’d heard of this!!! I thought I was crazy for liking it but glad to see you wrote about this. It validates my summer playlist.

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