Music Monday: DJ Snake Solidifies Bieber’s Hit-Streak

DJ Snake

Over the past two weeks, the summer jams have slowed down, but there have been plenty of debuts by new artists vying for chart success. Check out all the good stuff below on this week’s Music Monday post, and be sure to listen to the Spotify playlist at the end of today’s post.

1.) The Surefire Hit

DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber – “Let Me Love You”

Hot off the release of “Cold Water” with Major Lazer, Justin Bieber shoots for another hit with the DJ Snake collaboration, “Let Me Love You.” Although it doesn’t carry quite the same bite as “Cold Water,” “Let Me Love You” delivers more of the same hit-ready fodder we’ve come to expect from the former child star. DJ Snake’s production paints a sparser picture here than in the Lazer assist, allowing Bieber’s voice to gently drift along electric currents and ambient impressionistic sounds. By showcasing the Bieb’s indifferent falsetto, DJ Snake solidifies the star as a go-to artist for tropical trap-influenced pop hits.

2.) The Newcomer’s Debut

Marcy E. Bassy – “Morning”

R&B crooner Marc E. Bassy sails across gospel-style production with a layered chorus: “Will you be here in the morning?” “Morning” kicks off with a churchy piano line that borrows closely from Bonnie Rait’s similarly devotional “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” The song achieves a sing-along, feel good chorus that is sure to stick with you.

3.) The One-of-a-Kind Track

Betsy – “Lost & Found”

With a bit of a production makeover, “Lost & Found” could be a hit on the magnitude of the 80s dance tracks it seeks to emulate. Betsy’s deep, Cher-like voice sticks out among her mainstream electronic songstresses, and makes for an oddly captivating track. The hook itself is absolutely killer, but the classical strings and refusal of the track to absorb newer electronic trends will likely prevent it from getting the traction it deserves.

Honorable Mentions: Young & Divine – “Fux With the Boy,” Terror Jr – “Come First,” Stanaj – “Romantic,” A R I Z O N A – “Cross My Mind”

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